Monday, June 9, 2008

Hanks on a Plane!

So we set off once again to Provo to attend the blessing of the sweetest baby ever, my nephew baby Ethan. Here are Hank and Ethan getting acquainted with each other. Look how he is screaming with joy in my arms!

On Saturday, my folks took us to Sundance and Park City to enjoy the incredible weather we were having. Here is Hank taking in the view at Bridal Veil Falls. I loved his face even more than the scenery! And for all of you who think I am horrible for keeping him strapped to his chair while Shane and I got out and enjoyed the view, don't worry. We threw some french frys at him and he was good for 1/2 hour.
We seriously tempted fate and went on the ski lift ride at Sundance with Hank. See how Shane is literally squeezing the life out of Hank to make sure he didn't plummet to his death. The last thing Mr. Redford needs is an ugly lawsuit.

Hail Zion!!

LL Cool Hank

All in all it was a good trip. Derek did an amazing job blessing Ethan, and it was just nice to get away for a while.

A brief note to my family: Sitting in church yesterday and thinking about all the things we have been through these past 6 years, I was filled to the brim with gratitude for my family. I can't think of a better group of people to go through the trials and joys of this life than with you. You make me proud to be a sister, daughter, wife, and mom. I love you all so much, and know there is no force strong enough to take down Team McLaughlin/Johnson/Jones. And, we are seriously going to rock at the Family Reunion Bowling Night.
That's a throwdown Beagley's, Rowley's and Armstongs!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Improvements

To the delight and relief of our neighbors, we finally got down and dirty with some home improvement projects (thank you economic stimulus package!). We decided to enclose the fence, (thus completing Hank's prison yard...he might as well get used to it now). We had several contractors bid the job, but Shane decided in the end that he and his dad could do the job and save some cash. They of course did an amazing job, and the best part is that Bruce worked for cheeseburgers!

With the money we saved we decided to get some curbing in our front yard. That's right, just like the Jefferson's, the Johnson's are 'a movin on up! Artistic Curbing came out and did a fantastic job, (if anyone wants the number let me know).

Finally, the part I have been waiting for, the plants. Luckily I married a farmer, because I was literally asking questions like, "So I just water around the dirt at the bottom, right?" and "So you're 100% sure that if we give these plants water, fertilizer and sunlight they will just grow on their own?" I'm a regular green thumb.


After: Shane built me these beautiful planter boxes which we stained to match the fence. I cant wait to see everything grow!

Here is my favorite thing (to the very far right), a Blushing Bride Hydrangea bush. I named it Alfie after my great-grandpa who I have heard was an avid gardener. Grow Alfie, grow like the wind!!