Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Hanks-giving!

Here are some of the latest pics of Hank.

This was taken just before church. We tried out his new winter coat for the first time, and being overcome by the magnitude of it, Hank fell to the floor, unable to move. "Randy lay there like a slug-it was his only defense." I think this photo demonstrates that there is definatly some of the McLaughlin dramatic side to him!

This was after a particularly trying nap. I should have been hugging him, but the hair was just too funny not to document.

Hank in his latest church clothes, a gift from his Uncle Derek and Aunt Emily.

And this one is for the ladies!

Hank sporting his new festive holiday pj's.
Hank and his Nana

Hank had both sets of Grandparents there for his first Thanksgiving. Lucky boy!

Hank helping dad. In case you're wondering, in this house, we never fix the plumbing while wearing pants.

A happy football day for us...Both BYU and WSU Cougars won!


EarlGirl said...

Great pictures, I love the one with his new coat!

Karine said...

Love all the pics of Hank! I adore his 3 piece suit, what a stud! I am so glad that your holiday turned out so well!

Khatch said...

It is pretty sad when Hanks aunt who lives so close to him has to read your blog to see what he looks like these days. We need to get together! He is looks so much like his Dad. His new church outfit is very handsome! My favorite is his wild hair. He is the cutest little boy!

The Price's said...

I love that you guys never wear pants to do plumbing in the house. All worries about PB are eliminated. Smart thinking.

Lee said...

Love the coat pic. That is hilarious!