Monday, November 24, 2008

Susan B. Anthony is rolling in her grave...

So tonight, Shane comes home about the usual time and just like always, I look at Hank and say "Guess who's home?". He normally runs over to give Dad a hug, but tonight he was very upset when Shane walked in.

Hank walks over to me, looks his Dad straight in the eye, points at me and says "Mine!' Not to be outdone by a 2 year old, Shane grabs me , stares down his son, and starts kissing and hugging me and crying, "Mine! Mine!"

This of course infuriates Hank, who tries to push us apart, but is being blocked out by his father..all the while screeching "Mine! Mine!"

And though I know that it sets feminism back several decades, I couldn't help but smile at being fought over by two handsome men.

Forgive me Mrs. Pankhurst!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Very Belated Pictures!

So a few weeks ago, over Halloween weekend, my family had our reunion at Fort Wardon, WA. We had an amazing time...and here's the proof!

Uncle Derek was never too tired to color with Hank. Hank loves his uncle "Dek"

Smooth Criminals. Hank and Ethan went as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for Halloween.
I didn't think it was possible, but Newman and Redford got out-cuted, big time!

The whole gang. We have Beckett as a Turkey, Caiden is a dragonfly, Gibson as a Giraffe, Maddie as a Lady bug, and our boys. This is the future fire-starters of Fort Wardon (though I don't think we're quite ready to pass the torch...)

My Boys

Family Olympics! Nothing says family like a ball of yarn, flying shoes, and Aunt Gail knifing everyone's balloons. Good times.

Hank being launched into the air by Derek. You can see from his face he hates every minute of it.

Hank, Dad and Derek waiting for the Ferry to come in.

Shane getting some cheek time with Ethan

Hank and his Papa.

This is so us. I should send it out with our Christmas cards...

Beagley Clan, 2008.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged by the Most Christian Woman I ever met!

8 Favorite TV Shows (in no particular order)

1. The Office (If you don’t like this show, I will attack you with the North)
2. Arrested Development ( I pee my pants when anyone says, “launch me!)
3. The Amazing Race (CBS unleashed fat, ugly Americans on the world! The best part is when they try to communicate in their McSpanish in places like Uganda or I take it back. .. The best is when they sign up for a reality show to “save their marriage”. Just take it from me, Shane and the Janice Dickenson Modeling doesn’t work.)
4. The West Wing (haughty liberals that I love?! Only a mad genius could pull off such a feat. )
5. Top Chef (how could I resist a show when they speak of food in hushed and reverent tones?)
6. Flight of the Conchords (Whose the mutha-flippin?)
7. Around the Horn (I must disagree with Bethany and state that ATH is far superior to PTI. How I love Woody’s chalkboard and when Jackie wipes the floor with the menfolk. Plus, Shane thinks it’s way hot when I speak in Stats.)
8. General Conference (top that suckas!)

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Ate lots of brownies
2. Packed Hank up for his trip to Utah
3. Cleansed my bad aura with a good long talk to Nicole and Marianne.
4. Cried when Shane and Hank left for Utah.
5. Tried new product on my curly hair and LOVED it. It is truly the dawning of a new day.
6. Went to rehearsal and sang my ever-loving guts out.
7. Watched Biggest Loser while eating a Whopper Jr. (I think that makes me the biggest loser. I seriously cannot stand the blue team.)
8. Fell asleep in the middle of the bed.

8 Things I look forward to:

1. Everyone getting over the whole “world peace” craze.
2. Shane and Hank getting back.
3. Opening night.
4. My next nap.
5. My next meal.
6. My next vacation.
7. My next book.
8. The next time my family is all together.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Melting Pot (A religious experience)
2. Joe’s Bar-b-Que (A religious experience covered in sauce)
3. Thin Pan (Your noodles Thai me in knots)
4. Dukes (good call Bethany. Location is everything)
5. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (I nicknamed my chub philo and feta)
6. McCormick & Schmidt's (best Cobbla in Boston, right mom?)
7. Landmark
8. Inca’s (The salsa is tomato heroin)

8 Items on my wish list:

1. World Peace ( I got sucked in)
2. The pill that makes diet and exercise obsolete.
3. A few more seats in the house and senate.
4. A clean bill of health from Dad’s doctor.
5. A brother and sister for Hank (but please don’t come together)
6. An awesome shop for Shane.
7. A passport full of stamps for me.
8. 6 great shows.

I now tag Marianne, Nicole, Stephanie, and Allison.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Opening at another show

I've been getting a lot of questions about my play opening this weekend, so I thought I would give a little heads up, since it's not a well-known show. It's called "Children of Eden" and was written by Stephen Schwartz, (the guy who wrote Pipin and Wicked). It is based on the first 10 chapters of Genesis. The first act begins with the Creation, down through the expulsion from the garden, Cain and Abel, and ends with the death of Eve. The second act is the story of Noah.

All the actors play mirror parts in the first and second acts. In the first act I play Eve, and the second I play Mama Noah (no, she doesn't have a real name. I call her Fanny.)

This truly is an amazing show, with a great message and spectacular music. Though it's based on the Old Testament (with some definite artistic liberty) it's not an overly religious show. It's more about family relationships, repeating mistakes, free will, etc. It's not Mormon Doctrine, so please don't bring investigators!!!

If you need information on tickets, go to You can also contact me.