Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Aunt Lynn – The Most Christian Woman I Have Ever Known

I am not a blogger. I have posted once on our family blog on our 8th wedding anniversary. I learned my lesson long ago not to leave messages on anyone’s blogs after leaving a post on my sister-in-laws Bethany blog after she posted about their family dog Cujo and a new trick. My post questioned if the d@#% dog was still alive. Even though I tried to retract my statement the damage was done, the post was now the property of the World Wide Web. This was a bad move for two reasons. First everyone in Megan’s family loves Cujo, (Mike being the exception)and second, twelve days after my message; Cujo left this life to wait for Anne, Bethany, Megan, Derek and Simon in dog heaven. I learned my lesson then, and vowed never to leave a message again. (For those of you who I have left messages for, please don’t mention them to Lynn).

This brings me to the reason why I am making a rare appearance in the blogging world…

While attending a family get together a while back, my dear Aunt (by marriage) Lynn out of the blue said that she still had not forgiven me for some horrible thing I had done. This could have been a number of things, but which one I had no idea.

My first thought was…“come on the Steelers Seahawks Super Bowl was years ago.” (I took the Steelers over the Seahawks and she should be mad at Jeremy Stevens, not me. Plus I walked away with $300 bucks, so let her be mad…A lesson I learned years ago, if you are a Seahawks fan you are in for a life heartache and pain. Wish I could force myself to do the same with those awful Crimson and Gray Cougars).

Before I could think of anything else she told me the reason for her ill feelings...

Last March Lynn paid “homage” to me in her blog by picking my beloved Kansas Jayhawks to win the NCAA College Basketball National Championship. (This is something I have done every year, for the past 15 plus years.) It was a nice post titled “I want to be like Bethany.” Granted she did direct the following question to me - Shane, they can't blow it so badly three years in a row can they????? She then shows a picture of a Jayhawk player wiping a “teardrop” out of his eye with the questions “Will this be me in a couple of weeks?” To which she answers, “If history has taught us anything…Yes.” What was I to say to that, and not sound like a cool-aid drinking Seahawk fan?

Lynn, with it being the second greatest time of the year again, it is time I give you the credit you deserve. With the Jayhawks knowing that the most Christian Woman Ever to Walk This Earth picked them to win it all, they had the power to grind out one more “W” then the other guys. As I watched Mario Chalmers shoot the three with just 2 seconds left to force overtime, I knew it was because you, the most Christian Women I have Ever Known, had picked them to win it all that his shot went in.

I want to thank you, Lynn, on the behalf of the following:

-For Megan, who, for the first time in her married life, did not have to watch her husband rant and rave, throw things and swear off ever picking the Jayhawks again, let alone ever filling out another bracket ever again...ever.

-For Henry, for not having to watch is old man fall to the floor and cry like he had just heard the news that Thomas and his Friends had each fallen off the island of Sodor.

-For our new TV, for not having to have a scar in the middle of the screen from the pen that went flying across the room when the Jayhawks lost to Bucknell, freaking Bucknell. Sorry about that old TV, you barely notice it.

-And most of all a sincere thank you from me. From that young boy that skipped church one Sunday morning because he was “sick” and turned on the TV and saw the Jayhawks play for the first time. From that moment on, the Jayhawks were my team. To the High School kid who cheered on his rival high school because future great Kansas center Scott Pollard played for them. To me now, finally having the chance to see one of my teams win the big one. All along there have been an abundance of talented Kansas teams to cheer on, but no matter how close they came, (make your free throws Nick Collison), they just could not get it done. That was until last year, when you, Lynn, saw the light, and joined

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!

So to try and mend our relationship (I hope it is not too late) I dedicate this rare post to you, Lynn. And in so doing implore you to pick the Jayhawks again this year.

Editor’s note: This year on paper I am picking Pitt to win it all. Come on, I have a title to defend.