Monday, February 9, 2009

My son is obsessed. Let me say again, my son is obsessed. I don't know what magical power this little train holds over Hank. Maybe a subliminal message is being broadcast through the TV that commands children's' love and fealty. Maybe that happy blue paint is coated with candied heroin. Who knows? All I know is my son is obsessed.

Often the first words out of his mouth in the morning are "choo-choo" (right after, "Good morning Mother? How was your sleep? I didn't wake us up too early did I?"). He eats, sleeps and bathes with his train. He will throw down a slap fight to any child who comes too close to his train. He cries when his train pj's go in the wash.

Evidence of a problem: In nursery one Sunday, Hank discovers that the church isn't true, because there is no Thomas for him to play with among the toys. He is so distraught, that his sweet nursery leader Sis. Draney had to fashion him a play dough train in order to calm him down.

More evidence: Hank covering his face with train stickers. Is this the face of sanity?

Still more evidence: Saturday we went to Yakima to watch Shane's bro Seth coach a basketball game. We get out of the car and Shane tells Hank to leave the train in the car during the game. Realizing that Shane had basically just asked the Israelites to leave behind the Ark, I told the panicked Hank that he could bring his train in with him. Hank takes the train and I hear him say "Sorry, choo-choo...sorry choo-choo," over and over as he lovingly patted it like it was one of Lenny's mice.

I think if he had to chose between me and the train, he would pick the train, and his next choice would be the play dough train that Sis. Draney made.

My son is obsessed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Last week, Shane and I had the chance to go to Maui for a few days. It was a wonderful trip and we had such a blast. Get ready for an old-fashioned slide show!

Here we are on the plane...pale, and excited.

Literally within 10 minutes of checking into the hotel we were swimming in the pacific blue. Every evening at sunset the hotel does a cliff diving ceremony.

We were about a 10 minute drive to Lahaina, were you could get a burger and this view for about $8.

When we went to the car rental place, Shane was jumping for joy that we got a PT Cruiser. So this is me showing him how cool a car it can be...

And here's one for the ladies...

My favorite shade of blue!

Run Forrest, Run!

Yes, that is 32oz of Prime Rib on his plate. Eat your heart out Derek!

A Cabana With A View

Shane rediscovered his love of swimming in the ocean.

Thursday Shane had all day meetings, so I went into Lahaina and did the historical tours (making me the coolest nerd ever).

View of Front Street

This ship got washed up on the rock by a storm. We were fascinated by it!

The home of Reverend Baldwin, a missionary/doctor and hero to Lahaina. The tour was great, even though I almost cried when they said that James Michner's book was full of historical errors. I still love you Jerusha Bromley!

The Lahaina Fort, built when the drunken whalers would fire their cannons onto the town.

The Courthouse

At the Company Luau

Look at that face! He looks 10 years old!

Our last few minutes on the beach. I decided to take this rainbow as a good omen of a speedy return.

Back on the plane. A little less pale, very sad, but excited to see our boy.

I just want to thank Nana again for coming to stay with Hank. He was so happy that he didn't even notice we were gone! You are the best mom and Nana in the world and we love you so much!